Is Next Sugar™ real sugar?

Yes. Next Sugar™ is 100% real sugar made from natural plant sugars. It does not contain any artificial, chemical or genetically modified ingredients. Only sugar.

Is Next Sugar™ harmful to the body?

Like regular sugar, excessive intake of any sugar can lead to health risks, diabetes and obesity. But Next Sugar™ is designed to be absorbed less by your body and decrease health risks when used moderately. It is made entirely from food-grade ingredients.

Why doesn’t Next Sugar™ get absorbed like regular sugar?

Next Sugar™ combines regular table sugar with Pectin sugar, another plant based sugar which our body does not naturally metabolize. This means that when combined with pectin sugar, as much as half of Next Sugar consumed does not get absorbed into our body.

How much Next Sugar™ should I use?

Next Sugar™ is made to act as a full replacement for regular sugar. It can be used in any recipes or dishes that would normally use sugar, and its equal sweetness means you don’t need to use any more than you normally would to achieve the desired taste.

Is Next Sugar™ a diet product? Will it help me lose weight?

Next Sugar™ can be used as part of an overall health plan designed to lose weight. Because Next Sugar™ isn’t absorbed by your body as much as regular sugar, it can help aid in weight loss and increased physical wellness. However, Next Sugar™ will not automatically transform unhealthy dishes into healthy ones.

Can I use it to bake and make desserts?

Of course! Next Sugar™ can be used in any recipe that calls for sugar. You don’t need to adjust your measurements or worry about texture—Next Sugar™ has the exact same sweetness and properties as real sugar, because it is real sugar.

I ran out of Next Sugar™. Where can I get more?

Visit our Products page to order more Next Sugar™ straight to your doorstep!

My question isn’t on this list. Where can I find more information?

You can visit our About Us page or our Contact page to speak directly with a Next Sugar™ expert.